Apex Legends G7 Care Package

Apex Legends G7 Care Package. The supply crate in apex legends hunted will now include the bocek composite bow, rampage light machine gun, kraber. The g7 scout has been around since the start of apex and still hasn’t found its sweet spot.

FINAL KILL WITH A CARE PACKAGE! Apex Legends! YouTube from www.youtube.com

Care packages are the only possible loot source for supply drop weapons. Change in care package weapons it is interesting to note that the apex legends season 11 care package will feature the g7 scout. Care package weapons for apex legends season 15.

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The point is that triple take had 81 bullets doing 72 dmg, meaning you had potential 5,832 damage using it. The g7 scout is a care package exclusive, meaning you cannot get it anywhere other than a care package dropped by the game (not lifeline). Even with the move into the care package back in season 11, the buffs didn’t help.

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Care package weapons for apex legends season 15. And lastly, there are care packages only for weapons. G7 does 36 and has 100 bullets, meaning u have theoretical 3600 damage.

Care Package Weapons For Apex Legends Season 15 With The Apex Legends Season 15 Update, The Mastiff Returns To Floor Loot With Some Nerfs To Balance Its Potency.

First and foremost is their appearance rate and inclusion of care. Truely spoken like someone who doesn't know how to use the g7 scout and, by extension, someone who thinks. Currently, in season 13, the volt, kraber, mastiff, and g7 scout are in the care package loot pool.

Apex Legends Nerfs The Kraber There Are Two Other Notable Changes Being Made To The Care Package.

However, in the upcoming season, g7 might be coming out of the care. The most likely weapon to replace the g7 will be the triple take, as it's the most popular marksman rifle. So, i'm in 1v3 situation ring 4.

Care Packages Are The Only Possible Loot Source For Supply Drop Weapons.

The g7 scout has been around since the start of apex and still hasn’t found its sweet spot. In season 10, supply drop. Care packages, also called supply drops or airdrops, are high risk, high reward lootable containers that are sent into the arenas periodically.

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