How To Save Line Chat

How To Save Line Chat. From there, choose a backup folder to and. Launch line on your mobile and tap on the chat room you’re trying to access from your pc.

How to easily save your chat conversation/transcript? from

Launch mobiletrans and run line feature. Select the chats and here, you need to. Now click on backup button.

Here's How To Back Up Line In Iphone With Icloud:

Find the chat that you want to back up. Back up and recover line chat on your android device. Launch icarefone for line on your computer and then choose “view & restore” from the left menu.

Go To Backup&Restore > Backup App Data And Choose.

Open the line app on your smartphone and tap on the friends icon. From there, choose a backup folder to and. Open icarefone for line and choose view & restore.

Save Line Chats On Your Android In Text Format Open The Line App On Your Android Smartphone And Navigate To The Specific Chat That You Want To Back Up.

Once you have backed up the line chat history, follow the mentioned steps. The way to do this in older android app versions without google drive goes as follows: Now select the line files you want to save.

This Option Is Available When Speaking.

Let's see how to backup & restore line chats in detailed steps. Then run the line app and open your chat. Then you’ll view all the.

Tap On V, Then Settings, And Launch The Menu.

How to back up line chat on android with backup text for line? Export or restore line chat history whenever you want to. Open the module whatsapp transfer and click on the tab line.

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