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Nosotros are increasing capacity at Oxford station to accommodate additional services from 2024.

The rails infrastructure in the Oxford Station area is close to total capacity and currently wouldn’t be able to accommodate the increase in services planned for 2024. Therefore, to increment capacity, ‘Oxford Corridor Stage 2’ is being developed, and subject area to funding, will provide a number of improvements.

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  1. Background and primal benefits
  2. Our plans
  3. Upcoming work
  4. Botley route closure update
  5. Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO)
  6. Prior approving application
  7. Level crossing closures
  8. Contact united states

Key benefits

  • New platform with improved rider facilities to significantly improve station capacity from 2024.
  • New secondary station entrance on the western side of the railway to better accessibility and passenger experience.
  • Replacement and upgrade of Botley Road bridge, with addition of 4-metre cycle/footway on each side to encourage walking and cycling.
  • Boosted meridian clearance of new bridge will mean standard size double-decker buses will exist able to laissez passer underneath for the offset time.
  • Realignment of Roger Dudman Way to create safer route layout for junctions with Botley Road.
  • Closure of level crossings at Yarnton Lane and Sandy Lane, equally well every bit creation of three loftier-speed crossovers at Oxford Northward Junction. This will:
    1. Amend condom of the line
    2. Create capacity for additional Oxford to Birmingham passenger services
    3. Reduce journey times by up to two minutes
    4. Increment in chapters to accommodate an additional 12 freight trains per 24-hour interval

Our plans

Y’all tin can lookout man the projection team talking through the plans beneath, as well as download a copy of the presentation they gave.

Farther data about the plans will exist appear over the coming months, but if you take whatsoever questions, delight contact us via [email protected]

Upcoming piece of work

Ground investigation work at the station

Grooming for the diversion of utilities, such every bit water, gas, electricity and broadband from under the road around the bridge area is set to begin on Monday 28 November.

Initially there will be footing investigation work at various sites, so that closer inspections can exist done of the pipes and wires. The sites will include; Junction of Mill Street with Botley Route, Junction of Becket Street and Botley Road Becket Street auto park.

In addition to that, a number of bore holes need to be drilled at sites effectually the one-time YHA building, where the new entrance volition go, including four into the route surface itself. This work is required to give a thorough understanding of the ground beneath and assist finalise the designs.

The majority of the work volition be washed during the daytime, Mon to Fri. Notwithstanding, to help ensure a safe working environment, the work on the road will be done overnight (20:00 to 06:00) when traffic in the area is reduced. One lane will be closed, with temporary traffic lights in identify to control traffic. This work is planned to take place in early December. Unfortunately some of the work will be noisy, especially during the drilling, only every effort volition exist made to reduce the racket, including utilize of acoustic barriers.

Openreach work in Frideswide Foursquare

Openreach will exist returning to Frideswide Square to continue their piece of work on relocating key telecommunications infrastructure. This work volition both support the projection and brand certain that the infrastructure is ready for new network upgrades in the coming years.

Botley Road closure update

Replacing the bridge over Botley Road to facilitate a new platform, western entrance and road improvements is an incredibly complex project, which needs to be completed by the end of 2024 in fourth dimension for the commencement of Eastward West Rail services.

With it not simply existence vital for local transport provision, there are also multiple central utility services connecting to west of the city running both beneath the road and over the top of the span. Then at that place are a number of significant challenges to overcome before work on the bridge can start.

We are working with partners to refine our plans for the delivery of the works to enhance the station and do not now need to offset the full closure of Botley Road in January.

Part of this review is looking at how to reduce the affect of our piece of work on the local community. Further details will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Sign upward to receive updates on the project via e-mail.

Ship and Works Human activity Order (TWAO)

In lodge to acquire the necessary country, we submitted an awarding for a Transport and Works Human activity Order (TWAO) to the Secretary of Land for Ship in June 2021. The TWAO documents that were submitted can be viewed below.

TWAO documents

Public inquiry

A public inquiry was held in Oxford from Tuesday vii to Thursday 9 Dec 2021. Farther data about the hearing can be found on the Gateley Hamer Oxford Station Phase ii Improvements folio.

Following the public enquiry, the planning inspector submitted his report to the Secretary of Country for Transport for him to consider. On Tuesday 21 June 2022 the Secretary of State approved the Send and Works Human activity Order. Details of the decision can exist found on the Department for Transport website.

Detect confirming the determination to brand the order was published in the London Gazette and Oxford Mail on Friday 8 July and stating any challenge to it must exist brought within a period of 42 days, which ended on Friday 19 August 2022.

Notices Served

Delight notice notices served for temporary/permanent possession of land related to the Oxford Phase two Project;

Prior blessing application documents

An application for “prior approval” was made to Oxford Metropolis Council in July 2021 under Office 18 Class A to Schedule two of the General Permitted Development Club (GDPO) as a permitted development. While the project does not require full planning permission, Oxford City Council must give its “prior approval” of the scheme to the siting and advent. The application was considered past the Oxford City Planning Committee in November 2021, with approval existence granted.

Fundamental documents from the application can be viewed below or the total submission is available on the Oxford City Council website, forth with the minutes from the meeting.


Our application for “prior approval” includes an Environmental statement which is based on the full Environmental Impact Assessment nosotros have carried out as per the Boondocks and Country Planning (Environmental Affect Assessment) Regulations 2017. All the documents tin exist viewed below.

Ecology Statement documents

The scope of the Environmental Bear on Assessment was agreed with the council in January 2021, after consultation with the statutory consultees such as the Highways Authority, Environment Agency, Natural England etc. The documents below were submitted to the council in 2020 every bit part of the scoping discussions. During that process, the extent of the development work has been reduced, then some of the details in the document have changed.

Environmental Impact Assessment scoping documents

Level crossing closures

The Oxford corridor is a primal freight route from the port of Southampton to the Midlands and the north. Increasing demand for runway freight services means more than train paths are required. More trains on the line would increment the adventure at two level crossings along the road at Sandy Lane and Yarnton Lane.

Therefore, to reduce level crossing risk, ameliorate safety and reduce instances of misuse, these level crossings demand to be closed. Closing the crossings would permit us to provide chapters for an boosted two freight trains per 60 minutes, boosted Birmingham to Oxford services, and increased maintenance access and safety improvements. Options for closing the two crossings are currently existence considered.

Contact u.s.a.

If y’all have any questions or require more than data well-nigh the scheme, you can email us at: [email protected]


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